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Part#-I36-5 US32D

304 Stainless Steel
6” Wide x 36” Tall INGRESS’R®
Part#- I09-3 Clear

Anodized Aluminum
6” Wide x 9” Tall INGRESS’R®
Part#-I36-5 DARK BRONZE Anodized Aluminum
6” Wide x 36” Tall INGRESS’R® on Part#-
Bollard –
6”x 6”x42” Tall prepped for INGRESS’R®
(Bollard Post & INGRESS’R® sold separately)
Part#- I36-3 US32D

304 Stainless Steel
6” Wide x 36” Tall INGRESS’R® on 6”x6”x48” Tall bollard in DARK BRONZE Anodized Aluminum with a prep for the INGRESS’R® and Card reader (Bollard Post & INGRESS’R® sold separately and card reader sold by others). Note: Contact us
for pricing on the Dark Bronze Bollard.
I36 Special with Special Logo- (Elevator Alarm) with Light.

Light only illuminates when activated.

I36 Special with Special Logo- (Elevator-4th Floor) with Light.

Light only illuminates when activated.
Note: Contact for pricing on special items
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The INGRESS'R® 6" x 36" Tall Switch
Touch Activated Automatic Door Control

The INGRESS’R® ( I36-5 CLEAR ) has a contoured profile, combined with a 2-1/2” center actuating column running the full 36” height of the switch, allowing activation from any approach and height level.

CSI 3-Part Guide Specifications

Section 08710 MasterFormat '04 08 71 20) AUTOMATIC DOOR CONTROLS
Ingress'r® Brochure
Custom INGRESS'R Brochure
Technical Product Data
Tech Drawings

  Weather resistant design allows interior or exterior application without adaptation
  UL® 15 amp. micro switch
  Crafted in clear anodized aluminum - will quote other material/finishes
  Available without handicap legend (I36-1 CLEAR)
Simple, flexible mounting access that easily conceals single and double gang flush electric boxes to make new and retrofit installations uncomplicated
Black ABS cap attached with security screws (supplied) for wireless transmission
Adaptable for 1/2” conduit in surface wiring applications
Fits perfectly onto a 6” x 6” x 42” commercial height bollard where wall mounting is not practical
Recommended mounting height is 3” from finished floor

ADA code requires a "knowing act" switch to be mounted between 36" and 48" from the finished floor. Mounting the INGRESS'R
® at the recommended 3" from the floor satisfies the code requirements; then goes a step further. The INGRESS’R® is proven to provide ease of accessibility for all mobility devices; both manual and motorized. The INGRESS'R® provides unconditional access to everyone, whether physically challenged or not. Schools, universities and rehabilitation centers will use it to replace the cumbersome high switch/low switch mechanisms. Picture it in medical facilities, to be tapped by gurneys and lab carts. In libraries and government buildings, where people are typically moving boxes of paperwork from one area to another, being able to open the door with only a bump from the hip will be welcomed.

Design your own applications where the INGRESS'R® can mobilize all visitors!

The combination of ADA compliance and architectural integrity can make the Ingress'r a standard in the automatic door industry.

®- it's the new direction and the logical choice.

Wikk Designs and Manufactures AccessAbility™ Door Activation Products